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How to Achieve a Portfolio Growth of 221.73% even if you are a complete Beginner!

Your Shortcut to Profitable Trading...with less than 10 minutes setup

Portfolio Name: diversify101 - Screenshot Captured on the 8th March 2019

Diversify101 Monthly Performance

June 2018 +24.19%

July 2018 +12.12%

August 2018 +11.78%

Sept 2018 +10.48%

Oct 2018 +9.78%

Nov 2018 +8.8%

Dec 2018 +7.57%

Jan 2019 +8.0% MTD

Feb 2019 +6.4% MTD

Predictable and Consistent Results!

Imagine this...

You finally found a way to trade for a living. You can now live anywhere in the world and all you need is an internet connection and your computer.  You can choose to work anywhere and at the hours that you choose to work. When money no longer becomes a big concern, you even get to choose who you want to hang out with.

But it's not as easy as you thought, is it?

The world of trading is filled with glitter and it seems so easy yet many have tried and many have failed in this journey.

It's Not Your Fault...

Now… I am guessing that this is probably not the first time you are out searching for a reliable Forex Solution that can help you generate consistent cash flow. Something that can put bread on the table for the family.

The First Thing I want to mention is that if you have failed in Forex Trading in the past, it’s not your fault.  There’s a lot of information out there, and it can be confusing. Many times the information overload keeps you from success. And that's ok because we want to address this and put this to rest with our solution here today.

Anyone can succeed in Forex!

If you have been concerned in the past that you just can’t succeed with Forex Trading, I want to put those fears to rest right now. You can do this. You just need the right person with the right strategies to show you how and explain to you how to do this correctly. And all this can be done without you ever having to become a trader. 

What I am going to show you is not how you work in your business. It's not how you can be a better trader. What I am going to show you is what nobody shows you. I am showing you how you can run a Trading Business. That's very different compared to becoming a trader.

The Odds are stacked against the Retail Trader...

The Big Financial Banks want you to think that you need a lot of trading capital to succeed.

The Forex Brokers want you to think that you need to have super tight spreads to succeed.

The so Called Forex Gurus’ want you to think you need complex strategies and expensive indicator to succeed.

I am here to tell you they are wrong. They have their own reasons for wanting you to think that it's very difficult…

but that’s not true.

If you have ever thought and have suspected that the Government and the banks actually want you to fail, you’re probably right. They don’t benefit from you succeeding. They want to keep you in debt and in need.  

They want you to continue working so that you make money for them through taxation and inflation. 

I have seen enough of this and I have made it my mission to make a difference by helping traders like you succeed. Not just succeed but show you a different aspect of trading. Running it as a business rather than just working in it.

And we want to make it as easy as possible for just about anyone to success.

I know you have a dream…

… a Dream to live life on your own terms.

… a dream to do whatever you want whenever you want…

… a dream to work from anywhere in the world

… a dream to work anytime you want…

I want to show you how you can make it happen here today. I believe I have created a solution that will help you become a profitable trader and it takes less than 10 minutes to setup.

I wanted to make it really simple...!

Firstly, I wanted to create something that will make even the worse trader profitable. I have created strategy ebooks, easy to use Arrow Indicators, Expert Advisors and even conducted trading classes. My own results were no longer that important because I wanted more to see results from my students and users. I wanted to make sure that my students and users to replicate my success but the success rate was rather low.

So I continue thinking of a way so that anyone can gain positive results.  I wanted everyone to have good results. Fellow traders told me it's impossible.

But I continue to believe that it's possible create something so simple that even a 10 year old can follow. I wanted to create a way that will make profitable trading so simple that you actually do not need to learn how to trade. I finally found the answer. I found the way to help all struggling and even advanced traders replicate my results.

I have designed this trading solution to help two types of traders…

  • Beginners
  • —Advanced Traders
  • Struggling Traders

For the Beginners, you will finally get to know that becoming a profitable trader is easier and faster than you think… with all the technology out there... you really don't need to learn how to trade anymore. And if you still want to learn how to trade, then you can use start earning while still learning. I am going to show you how to run the Trading Business rather than becoming a trading who is stressed out.

For the Advanced Traders, you will discover new ways to create new income streams in your Forex trading and make your overall portfolio even more robust. This is the easy way of diversifying your portfolio and adopting various strategies seamlessly.

And for the struggling traders, you will finally start seeing consistent profit flowing into your account.
Extracting pips from the market will become something of a habit for you.

However, you MUST be able to follow instructions step by step. If you can do that, then this is for you. And of course, you must have the desire to make consistent profit from the Forex world.

Who Am I...?

This is Me and My Beautiful Baby, Heidi Hanging out in Melbourne.

—My name is William Tan.

Just a few years ago, I was in your shoes. I was a struggling trader. But I had one dream... and that dream was to spend more time with my kid and watch her grow up. I worked hard and slaved to save in a job that I did not like but I remained focused to my goal of becoming a full time trader. It was not an easy journey and I thought of giving up many times.

I did not have the skills nor the talent as a trader. I only had one thing going for me...



I must have easily blown up 7 accounts in my first 3 years of trading Forex.

It was really one of the hardest times in my life. I lost my savings. I lost my confidence. But something in me told me to not give up. 

—Even my family members started to look at my dreams funny. Every time I talk about trading, they just kept quiet. Although they supported me… I knew it was really just superficial.

They were getting worried about me self destructing... especially my Mom and Dad.

They told me that it’s impossible to make a living through trading.

—They told me that I should just get a good job and work hard 9 to 6pm every day.

—They told me that I should play it safe and just forget about my dreams.

I really did NOT want to hear any of it. I just kept studying and demo trading.

I was literally obsessed with price and market movements. I locked myself up in the room and just would look at the market all night long. I was really all alone in the journey.

Have you been through this journey where nobody really knows your pain?
It's really a lonely journey. I hope you don't ever have to go through this pain.

—And if you are going through this, I want to tell you that you are not alone and you can do this.

—I know I went through financial and emotional hell during my first 3 years of trading.

—And then… after 3 years of struggle,  I suddenly got results.

I really should not use the word sudden because it’s 3 years of building up my trading foundation.

Nothing happened suddenly…. I become better gradually.

My weekly results were up and dow​​​​n - not consistent!

—But something was still missing. My results were not quite consistent. I was struggling to maintain my winning rates. I started looking at all my trades and finally narrowed the root cause to inconsistent decision making and sometimes the lack of emotional control… sometimes not following system rules.

—Sometimes I took the trade anyway. Because I waited for weeks. And waiting weeks does not help because then I took with heavy quantity to make up for the lost time that I did not trade.

—Although I had one good strategy at that time, the human factor did not help because it’s the one thing that’s making me inconsistent. —I’ve made emotional decisions. I’ve made inconsistent decisions.

Sometimes, I violated system rules.

—This is the root cause of my trading inconsistencies. I could not achieve consistent weekly results and as as result, my income was not consistent.

—Then one day, I met a successful Forex Trader. And he told me his secret to success and sustainable trading. —And the secret is just using technology to automate his system rules and trading so that he frees himself from looking at the screen. 

—This is how he manages his stress too. To me… this is a BIG shock especially it’s coming from successful trader because I have heard of all the horror stories of trading softwares.

I invested Most of my savings to learn everything I could about Trading!

I signed up for his course and payed a King's ransom of $1997 for his  Forex Course. $1997 was a big chunk of change for me then but I decided that I needed to make a change. I could not continue trading the same way. New ideas and new methods were desperately required. So I took the leap of faith and...

It was the BEST $1997 that I paid and invested in myself because that $1997 has not returned 100X and more and still growing everyday. Most of my strategies today use the 140 different strategies that he taught in his Forex Course and I continue to create powerful strategies using different combinations of standard indicators.  This Forex Course built my technical foundation and my understanding of market structures. Even more... it opened my mind that I could actually build my own strategies!

And in my experiments, I realized that actually any kind of trading method can be automated. From Western indicators to Charts Patterns and even to more complex Harmonic Patterns... EVERYTHING can be automated without the risk of the human factor. 




System Rules like technical crossovers
Chart Patterns detection like Head and Shoulders
Harmonic Pattern like Gartley Patterns
Time to trade – when to trade and when not to trade
Trading only during the most volatile times
Lot size and money management

Why is it that we still need to trade manually?

He was right! I was blown away as I never put much thought to it.
I never thought successful automation in trading is possible.

This was the Turning Point in My Forex Journey!

My A-HA moment! 

—It was my A-HA moment for me. No wonder some traders looked so stressed and so worn out. 

And some traders always look good. —It was at that moment I learned that the main real secret to professional trading and consistent result is through automated trading. 

Today... I don't really look at the market movements anymore
yet I am profitable.

Copy is Cheating in School. In the Real World, it's called being Resourceful, Leverage, Team Work, etc....
Obviously school has taught us the wrong thing about cooperation and leverage.

What they taught us in School... Is it WRONG?

—The Strangest thing is that when I was in school, school taught us that we have to work alone and work hard without help. —But in the real world, this is entirely opposite.

In fact, I learned that it’s really ok to get help from experts and professionals.

—It’s like you invest in a George Soros fund or a Mutual Fund.

Is there anything wrong for you to employ George Soros to trade for you?

—In schools, this is called cheating. But in the real world, it’s leveraging on other people ability.
It’s called team work and being resourceful.

This is why it’s been really tough for most people to succeed because what’s taught in schools are actually the right thing to do in the real world. Do you agree?


Taking Action is crucial

Of course! Without taking any action nothing will ever work. You are on this page because (and I am guessing) you are ready for a change and ready to do something about your own future. You are in control and ONLY you can decide what is best for you family.

So I want you to promise me that no matter what happens in future, you must always be ready to continue learning and continue to take action in the right direction.

This is the ONLY way to continue growing... FOR YOU, FOR YOUR FAMILY, and FOR EVERYONE around you.

Nothing Happens when there's no action!

Nothing Happens when there's no action! Only You can decide the change that you desire. Without action, all is just a far away dream. Just do it!

3 Forex Secrets That Will Change the Way You Trade Forever!

SECRET #1: Why Forex is the Best Investment Vehicle to Grow Your Wealth!

No other investment vehicle provides the kind of liquidity that the Forex market provides. With $5 Trillion transacted daily and growing, the Forex market is the Biggest Market available to the retail trader. And with this kind of volume, we can scale to very large trade quantity without having to worry about not finding a buyer or seller.

The main thing I like very much about Forex is also the platform... MT4 platform. This is the most open platform available. Most stock brokers are still using their own proprietary platform which is terrible backwards compared to MT4. And the BEST part... MT4 allows traders to program their own unique algorithm. And whatever rules that you can think about... it can be programmed. This actually obsoletes manual trading.

In the past, automated trading got a very bad name with horror stories of trading robots blowing up trading accounts overnight. And it's still happening today. This is why we are strong advocates of showing transparency in our trading record.

I really could not have diversified into so many strategies with so many portfolios on my own. No human can manage so many accounts at one time with active trading happening almost every day.

This is Proof that trading technology is powerful and highly reliable when it's coded correctly. It's kinda like what George Fuechsel, an IBM programmer and instructor, who famously used the term "Garbage in, Garbage out."  What he meant was that if you input crap into a computer, it will just spew out crap. Imagine you typing gibberish into Microsoft Words, what kind of Word document will you produce? 

Technology is only as powerful as the programmer. And the programmer is only as powerful as the trader. And the best thing we can do as traders is to select a portfolio that is 100% verified by MyFxBook or FxBlue.

What you will noticed with all our portfolios and service is consistent growth and low drawdown. And that's the hall mark of a strong and robust trading system. That's what we are known for.

SECRET #2: don't reinvent the wheel. copy and clone THE BEST PORTFOLIOS!

How anyone can be a world class trader instantly without the need to learn how to trade!
This is the easy part actually. The key is... for you find who you want to copy.

Here's the simple riddle... how can you become as good as Warren Buffett?
ANSWER: Just copy ALL his investments when he makes it in real time. 

I will share with you why you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you just need to know how what kind of EA to use or even better who you can copy!

Imagine if you can mirror all of Jim Rogers, George Soros, Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett
(even though he does not even trade) or Peter Lynch portfolio.

George Soros

Ray Dalio

Warren Buffett

Every single trade that they made... would you copy their trades?
Or even Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and the late Steve Jobs...
would you copy their trades or investments in real time if you had the chance?

I bet you would because you know their track record. These are legendary traders and if given a change I would copy all their trades. In the world we live in today, we just wanna copy traders who has a solid track record and solid risk management. 

This is why I personally feel we no longer need to learn how to trade if we know how to use and read 3rd party verification service like MyFxBook and FX Blue. These services will tell you what you need to know about a trader. A trader who does not want to link their portfolio to these services must be AVOIDED as a Fund Manager. 

Your sole responsibility as a trader is to find other better traders than you. If you can copy their trades verbatim, then you become them without even trading. Are you beginning to see how this is the most reliable path to success?

Or do you still prefer to learn the painful way?

Trading is truly simplified when you get to choose the right type of portfolio that suits your style.

SECRET #3: Defend, Withdraw, and diversify.
Sustainability is key!

Almost all traders out there talk a lot about risk management. Some might even talk about the correct portfolio sizing. They are right. Portfolio management and position sizing are important elements to the sustainability of your portfolio. If this is wrong, then your portfolio is at risk of blowing up. This is where we need to defend our portfolio. We need to defend our gains using stop losses and portfolio allocation to make sure that our portfolio has a low chance of getting wiped out. And through using a proper sizing rule, your portfolio can grow steadily without the additional risk.

If the right strategy is chosen, then the portfolio should be growing at a steady rate. Then, the next best form of defense is to withdraw your trading capital as soon as possible. While this is not in any way a show of no confidence, it's always the smart thing to do. In a world full of uncertainty, we want to always know that our trading capital is always there. This is the part we do... we systematically withdraw our trading capital (hopefully 100% of it) before we scale further. This way the shop is always there (so to speak...).

And the part that we do best when we execute Secret #2 is that we can deploy new strategies very quickly without having to re-learn or even worse re-invent new strategies.  Not all strategies can work in all market conditions. In order to make our portfolio more robust, we diversify into multiple portfolios using , multiple strategies for each portfolio. And each portfolios are independent of each other. Since the strategies for each portfolio is different from each other, there is a remote rare chance that we will suffer losses concurrently or at the same time.

This is the Power of Leverage!

We defend each portfolio strictly using prudent money management and stop loss measure. Then we systematically withdraw our profit monthly. And finally we scale our trading business using other proven strategies and diversify our portfolio into multiple portfolios. And this is where I am right now... with over 20 different portfolios running different strategies that's independent of each other.

These Secrets Empowered Me to Run Trading as a Business

Using these 3 secrets as my core, I am not longer really a trader but I am really managing a trading business. This is also how I have all the time in the world today while my "employees" trade my portfolios for me. I no longer watch the monitor waiting for something to happen.

Heck... I don't even read the news much these days yet my weekly and monthly profit outperforms most traders out there. I am not saying all this to boast. Boasting is not cool. I am just sharing to show you that it's really possible to automate the entire trading business.

Isn't this much more interesting than watching your computer all day long or learning how to trade?

Run your trading as a business. If you are the trader, then you just have a job...

Real Time Forex Signals: How it Works?

This is why Real Time Forex Signals was created. To simplify trading even if you do not know how to trade or allow you to diversify using different strategies. Quite honestly, more than 90% of my trading income comes from automated solutions that either I create or team up with the Best programmers in the MT4 world.

My ultimate goal for Real Time Forex Signals is to have various portfolios that allow traders from all over the world copy my trades effortlessly. Of course, the trades are coming from my own account and most of the time, it's real money live account.

What I want to assure you is that all trades are real trades done without any form of manipulation.

      You copy all my trades in Real Time.

You might ask... why not market the software instead making it into a Forex Signals Service?

It's much easier to manage as a signal service compared to selling it as a MT4 Expert Advisor. We had our fair share of experience to know that it is tougher to manage.

Setup in less than 10 minutes

You might think even start to think that to set this up might be complex.

It's EASIER than you think. In fact, you can set it up in 3 Steps.

Step 1: Open and Register a New Account with our Trade Copier Service

(Duration: 4 Minutes or less)
The registration process is really in plain English and self explanatory. Nothing complex here. This should take you no more than 4 minutes to complete. If you can read and follow simple English, this should be a breeze.
As easy as filling out a registration form to open an Gmail account!

Step 2: Download and Install Receiver Expert Advisor

(Duration: 4 Minutes or less)
The Installation process is like installing any other Expert Advisor. So in case you have no experience with installing Expert Advisor, it's ok because we provide step by step video to help guide you in the installation.

This is the part we install the receiver so that you receive all the trades in real time. When this is correctly installed, you will have a smooth ride ahead. This is where the magic starts to happen.

Step 3: Write to Us for Account Approval

(Duration: 1 Minute or Less)
Writing a simple Email to us asking us to include your account. This is just a simple email to get your account approved and will take much less than 1 minute to write.

Once you send us this email, it's time to relax. The system is almost setup and you are on your way to copying our results. At all times, you will be able to see our open trades as we believe in full transparency. You get to see our open trades through MyFxBook or FX Blue.

Step 4: Refresh Your MT4 Trading Terminal

(Duration: 1 Minute or Less)
This is a simple process of restarting your MT4 trading terminal. Restart so that the EA will appear and you are ready to copy without trouble.

It's like closing any other application and restarting it. This is the simplest of the steps and once the application restart... it's SHOW TIME.

And that's it. It does not get any simpler than this 4 steps. And in case you want ABSOLUTELY NO HASSLE, then hire our Professional Service. We will host your MT4 Terminal and we will install and configure your trade copier for you END to END. You only need to provide us your MT4 details.

You are in FULL Control of Your Funds

You can choose to use your own broker or use our recommended broker. Your money is always in your control and the account is under your own name. I certainly have no access to your account. You are just going to mirror all the trades in my account.

You can see clearly what's going on with this strategy and portfolio as we have linked our MT4 account to MyFxBook and FX Blue. The only thing that we don't show is our account number. Other than that, you have clear view of past trade history and even current open positions.

You Always Remain In Control of your funds at all times...

Auto Money Management

When you join us, it's almost completely hands free trading. You really need the 10 minutes to set it up.

But set it up correctly so that it will work hard for you now and in future. If our account is $1400 and your account is $4200 or 3X larger than our account, you don't have to  adjust the lot size as it will executed automatically.

Your lot size will be 3X our lot size.

Pretty cool, right?

Professional Services (optional)

In case you think that setting VPS is too complicated, that's ok as we got you covered.

We can setup everything for you on our VPS.

We will just need your Account Number and Trading Password. 

Your funds are safe as we cannot do anything else but trade for you. We certainly cannot withdraw your funds.

If you need us to host your MT4 terminal and setup everything end to end for you, we can do it but it will be an extra USD25 per month on top of the subscription.  After you subscribed and need this service, then write to the support email in the setup page.

If you do not want the hassle of setting up, we will set it up for you and take away the hassle. You just have to sit back and monitor your portfolio progress.

Portfolio Name: Diversify101

The objective of Diversify101 is to double up the money on our investment every 6 months. While this might be an aggressive objective, we have already done it one cycle.

You can see that the portfolio has more than doubled since May 2018. Once we double our portfolio, we will withdraw our initial capital so that we ride on pure profit.

Is this the result you will be happy with in 12 months from now?

$1000 becomes $5000 in 12 months...

would it be a good boost to your portfolio growth?

Profitable Trading Simplified...Really?

If you like the performance of this portfolio and have decide to sign up, then you will gain the access to this portfolio and all trades will be copied to your account in real time and automatically!

You don't even need to place your own order. Everything will be executed automatically for you.
However, you want to have your VPS setup to ensure continuous service.  

If you can get your desired results...

If what I have shown you here can get you the desired results, how much would this service be worth to you? Would you be willing to pay $5000 for such a service if you can make back $50,000?

More importantly, if you can achieved this kind of result, what will this do for your cash flow?
Will you have more time and money spare cash to go for longer vacation?

Will this make life a little easier for you and your family?

Take Action Now or make more excuses...?

I have been in business long enough and I have found there are only two kinds of people. Those who are good at taking action and those who are good at making excuses. You really cannot be both. If you are the one making excuses... I hate to say it but I think you are going to have a really hard time learning how to trade well because it's a long lonely journey. 

The good news is that you get to choose. In this moment, you can choose which type of person you going to be. Don't be someone who makes excuses all the time, be someone who actually make a firm decision to get results.  You just have to decide below which is a more suitable plan for you.

3 Months Plan

Diversify101 - Real Time Forex Signal

Auto-Billing Every 90 Days

12 Months Plan

Diversify101 - 12 Month Plan

Auto-Billing Every 365 Days

36 Months Plan

Diversify101 - One Time Payment

Auto-Billing Every 36 months

You can cancel recurring billing at anytime with no further obligations.
If you are happy and want to continue your subscription, then do nothing.
Your card will automatically be charged. 

Ready to Break Your Old Habits?

Habits are really hard to change. You could leave this page and wasted all your time reading up to this point. And nothing will change in your life.  I want to highlight this crucial point because I created Real Time Forex Signals to Help traders like you. 

Today, this is all about you. If you leave now, nothing changes. You might have learned a few new things here but information alone will not do anything and you will end up doing the same thing over and over again.

You know that this is not the first time this has happen. Don't let this happen again. Make the decision now and this might most likely become the best decision you have made. You can have this setup in less than 10 minutes from now. Go ahead on the plan that best fit you below. Since we are in for the long haul, the longer term Plan makes the most sense...

3 Months Plan

Diversify101 - Real Time Forex Signal

Auto-Billing Every 90 Days

12 Months Plan

Diversify101 - 12 Month Plan

Auto-Billing Every 365 Days

36 Months Plan

Diversify101 - One Time Payment

Auto-Billing Every 36 months

You can cancel recurring billing at anytime with no further obligations.
If you are happy and want to continue your subscription, then do nothing.
Your card will automatically be charged. 

Minimum Account Requirement

Minimum requirement for this account is $500. But we suggest $1500.
It's always best to use ECN accounts and the leverage we are on is 1:500. 

1:200 will work too. Please be sure that your Broker does not use Suffix or prefix.

There are no refunds and all sales are final!

Just to be absolutely clear... we do not provide refunds for any reason.

Refunds make us weak because it allows us to quit too easily. 

Refunds are created by Marketers to tap into your compulsive spending behavior.
We are with you all the way and will work with you to get this working.
You have our word on this. We will even set this up for you if needed.

Secondly, we only want to deal with people who are serious in building their portfolio. This is not a get rich quick scheme and we cannot and will not promise you fast profits.

There are no refunds and all sales are final.

If you are unsure, please do not proceed.

Although this is almost surely the best decision you can make in the trading world, think carefully.
We will not entertain any refund request for any reason.
At anytime that you are not happy, you can cancel the recurring billing without further obligation.

Say Goodbye to Inconsistent Results...

Once you have made a firm decision to copy all our trades, you can say goodbye to the stress of trading and inconsistent results. You will not have to worry about not getting result again. You can stop watching the market and monitoring your trades.

Can you imagine what life will be like when you start getting the trading results that you desire and you don't have to go through the long learning cycle of becoming a profitable trader?

What will you do with your extra time?
What will you do with your extra trading profit every week?
Will the extra trading income help you pay off some bills?

It's time to say goodbye to inconsistent results! Choose your plan below...

3 Months Plan

Diversify101 - Real Time Forex Signal

Auto-Billing Every 90 Days

12 Months Plan

Diversify101 - 12 Month Plan

Auto-Billing Every 365 Days

36 Months Plan

Diversify101 - One Time Payment

Auto-Billing Every 36 months

You can cancel recurring billing at anytime with no further obligations.
If you are happy and want to continue your subscription, then do nothing.
Your card will automatically be charged. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I Want to Copy Your Trades?
It's really simple... now you can leverage on our knowledge about the market. Of course, we systemized our trading methods through the use of Expert Advisors. You can see that our Expert Advisors are the best in the market.

Are Your portfolios 100% Automated?
Yes. With more than 20+ Live portfolios, we are using different strategies for every portfolio and we have our own "Employee" for every account. These "Employees" are our own Robust Expert Advisors.

Which Brokers Do you Support?
We highly recommend that you use our recommended brokers since we also use them. But if you want to use your own, it's ok too as long as your broker is running on MT4.

Can I Change the Lot Size?
Yes but it's not necessary and not recommended. We recommend that you mirror our risk profile.  If you have larger accounts, your lot size will be adjusted automatically. You don't have to adjust manually. Isn't this an awesome feature?

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes you can although we know that if we continue to deliver results, there's really no real reason to cancel. That's why we maintain our "Traders" at peak conditions with constant tweaking and fine tuning.

Can I have more than 1 account connected?
For every subscription, you can only have one account connected to us.

One account for one subscription.

Can I upgrade later?
You can upgrade your subscription at any time and we will pro-rate your fees.

Do I Need a VPS?
We have many traders copying from home and office. This will only work if you can turn on your computer, MT4 terminal, and internet connection 24/5.

Why the need to have my computer running 24/5?
It's kinda like this... you now hired an employee to trade for you. But if you do not provide them a computer, MT4 terminal, and internet connection, there is no way they can do their job properly.

So VPS is recommended?
Yes.  At least you have a computer in a secured data center with internet connectivity... your "employee" can work without disruption.

How do I scale for bigger profits?
We strongly suggest that you diversify your portfolios. First by having several accounts trading with different strategies. Then on a monthly basis, add what you can afford into your account so that the compounding effect takes place.

How do I know if your portfolios are legit?
It's ok to be skeptical because there are just plenty of scams out there. You just need to look deeper into our MyFxBook account or FX Blue account. You will soon see that we don't hide any information. The only thing we don't show is our MT4 account number. Everything else is open for viewing.

Does this system work best during a particular session or a particular market?
Well, you no longer have to worry about this because you will not be entering orders on your own. This is 100% hands free if we can just get the trade copier working without glitch. 

How do I know if the account trading is real?
What you see are tracked by FXBlue and you can just take a look at our trades and drawdown to decide. If you are still skeptical after looking at the trade record, I understand and I say just trust your instinct. Then just continue to follow our trades here on this page.

Does Your System work with all brokers?
Yes I believe so. However, I highly recommend that you use the same Broker that we use so that it's much easier for us to diagnose if anything goes wrong. We recommend using ECN brokers if possible and use Brokers that do not use prefix or suffices.

Do you guarantee Performance?

No. We don't. Any legit investment will not guarantee future returns and we cannot guarantee future performance. Even Warren Buffett and George Soros do not guarantee performance of their funds in any ways. However, we DO guarantee that what you see now are real trading results.

How does this trade copier work?
Every time a trade is placed on our terminal, your account will copy almost instantly even across different networks.

Do I need a VPS?
​To ensure no downtime, I suggest strongly that you use a VPS.

What is a VPS?
​It stands for Virtual Private Server. Basically, it's computer that you rent but it's hosted elsewhere. And it's turned on all the time with internet connectivity. When you use a VPS, you can be assured that your trading computer is always turned on.

What does the Price Cover?
The price is the subscription fee to copy from this account. The plan is for us to put out our best portfolio for anyone who wants to mirror our results. You do not need to pay for anything else besides this  subscription with us.

Does the Price here cover VPS?
No it does not cover VPS price. We are not a VPS provider. We provide trade signals. 

Can I get started with a demo account?
Yes, you most definitely can. This can be a great way to get familiar with us. When you are more confident then start trading with real account. You can switch your account number at any time. 

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

​Just write to us and we will cancel for you. You can also cancel on your own by canceling the recurring billing via Paypal.

Do I need special software?
All you need is Metatrader 4 on your computer. This is offered by almost every Forex broker for FREE.

How do I Set this up?

After you confirmed your spot and subscription, you will be redirected to a setup page. We provide all the necessary setup instructions there.

What if I cannot set it up on my own?

We have our end to end service. We will take away all your hassle and host your MT4 terminal on a VPS. And we will also setup the trade copier for you. Once ready, we will just let you know what it's ready and you will be able to monitor the progress on your phone. This service will be an additional of $25 per month.

3 Months Plan

Diversify101 - Real Time Forex Signal

Auto-Billing Every 90 Days

12 Months Plan

Diversify101 - 12 Month Plan

Auto-Billing Every 365 Days

36 Months Plan

Diversify101 - One Time Payment

Auto-Billing Every 36 months

You can cancel recurring billing at anytime with no further obligations.
If you are happy and want to continue your subscription, then do nothing.
Your card will automatically be charged. 

Cost Way Less than a Cup of Coffee!

When you think about this plan and calculate it on a daily basis, it really cost less than a cup of Starbucks coffee. 

For a subscription plan that cost less than $2.00 per day, this is really a no brainer proposition.

If you willing to spend on coffee everyday without thinking, then I want to you think again about

how effectively you are spending your money.

For once, use your money to invest in something that will help  you generate more money instead of spending on an overpriced cup of coffee everyday. 

A cup of coffee cost up to $4 per cup these day and we spend it willingly and it does not bring any financial 

benefit to the family. 

Why not think about investing in a powerful income generating program, like Diversify101, first before paying for the cup of expensive overpriced coffee?

And when the Income is generated, use the income generated to pay for the coffee, wouldn't that be a smarter financial decision?

Is spending money on everyday on Expensive Coffee  a Smart Financial Decision?

3 Months Plan

Diversify101 - Real Time Forex Signal

Auto-Billing Every 90 Days

12 Months Plan

Diversify101 - 12 Month Plan

Auto-Billing Every 365 Days

36 Months Plan

Diversify101 - One Time Payment

Auto-Billing Every 36 months

You can cancel recurring billing at anytime with no further obligations.
If you are happy and want to continue your subscription, then do nothing.
Your card will automatically be charged. 

Your decision today shapes your future...

If you are still on the fence, it's really time to take a leap of faith.

As it stands, you are probably still not making any money with Forex.

And the longer you take to make this decisive decision, the longer you are keeping your dreams from happening.

Your decision today will shape the future of your family. 

Take a step back and think logically, the investment to start is really minimal and if you can grow your portfolio as fast as we can grow our portfolio, don't you think it's all going to be worth it? This is a life changing decision if you make it now. Decide well!

The subscription plans that we have provided is well within affordability. Price is no longer the factor here. You have to think if price is not the factor then what else is stopping you from moving towards your own dreams.

It's time to decide and go for it. This is likely the best decision in your financial journey.

Join us and start copying all our trades. You will be mirroring our results even when you sleep.

3 Months Plan

Diversify101 - Real Time Forex Signal

Auto-Billing Every 90 Days

12 Months Plan

Diversify101 - 12 Month Plan

Auto-Billing Every 365 Days

36 Months Plan

Diversify101 - One Time Payment

Auto-Billing Every 36 months

You can cancel recurring billing at anytime with no further obligations.
If you are happy and want to continue your subscription, then do nothing.
Your card will automatically be charged. 

Time is an irreplaceable Commodity...

Every month, money replenishes.

You wait for the month and you will get your salary at the end of the month. 

While money will always replenish,

TIME will NOT and DOES NOT replenish.


Time disappears. 

Once used, time is gone forever.

And you can never get the time back.

You could go out and figure out how to trade and how to become profitable and that might take months or even years to master this professional skill... know this... you will never get back the time.

With Diversify101, you are leveraging on the time that I have spent figuring out how to make trading profitable.
I have already spent the time. I could save you plenty of the time and the effort (and probably a lot of heartache too) in figuring out how to trade profitably.

Sure... this program will cost you money. But the money will come back and replenish every month.

Whereas the time to trial and error will eat away time from your family and perhaps after

spending all the time you might not even find success. Has this already happen?

So you decide if you want to continue wasting time to figure out how to trade profitable
and consistently or just leverage on what's already working well?

Sure... if you want to spend more time running around in circles, I respect your choice.

And if you want to go ahead and give us a try,

I believe this will be the best decision you will make in your trading journey.

Choose your Plan below...

3 Months Plan

Diversify101 - Real Time Forex Signal

Auto-Billing Every 90 Days

12 Months Plan

Diversify101 - 12 Month Plan

Auto-Billing Every 365 Days

36 Months Plan

Diversify101 - One Time Payment

Auto-Billing Every 36 months

You can cancel recurring billing at anytime with no further obligations.
If you are happy and want to continue your subscription, then do nothing.
Your card will automatically be charged. 

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